Which kinds of the rc crawlers are the best?

The rc crawler is various in the market, so you can choose any type of the rc crawler that you like; however, not all of them are the best ones. People usually have a tendency to go to some shop to make a payment for the rc crawler. To get the best rc crawler, it is better for you to refer the rc crawling videos. After learning about this product for a very long time, I see some rc crawler with a high quality.

1. The velocity toys GDX-AB TNT machine

You may be different, but for me, I usually take a look at the price of the product. This rc crawler is one of the best rc crawler which can meet my requirements, in terms of price and quality. The price of the velocity toys GDX-AB TNT machine is reasonable, which is suitable for all people to buy.

rc car

Moreover, as you know, the design of the velocity toys GDX – AB TNT machine is cool. It has many different colors, so you can opt for your favorite color. The speed of this rc crawler. You can control the rc crawler on all terrains. Therefore, you can get over all kinds of the terrains such as snow, pavement and mud.

Generally speaking, the speed of this toy car is higher than others. Although the design of this rc crawler is quite simple, it still is worthy enough. Apart from the advantages, this crawler still remains several disadvantages. One of the most outstanding shortcoming is that this crawler is not durable.

2. The traxxas XO 164077 supercar

If you think that the speed of the GDX – AB TNT is not as fast as you want, you can choose the traxxas XO 164077, this crawler is one of the fastest one. Furthermore, this rc crawler is not only sleek, but also fashionable.  In addition, the traxxas XO 164077 supercar has many tweaking options.


Apart from the same benefits, this crawler also has a lot of shortcomings. The price of this car crawler is quite expensive. If you make a decision of purchasing this car crawler, you may have to spend a great deal of money.

Moreover, to reach the top speed of this crawler, you need to have an iPhone 4. It is impossible for you to use other cellphones to upgrade this crawler to the highest speed. It means that if you have this crawler, you may need to spend more money to buy an iPhone. It can be a nuisance for many people who dislike iPhone.

3. The HPI racing 107014 trophy 4.6 truggy

Another rc crawler that you had better take into your consideration, before buying is the HPI racing 107014 trophy 4.6 truggy. This company is one of the most popular brands in all countries in the world. It is very easy for you to find out a HPI racing crawler in any nation.

Rc car

People like this brand because it is reliable, fast and powerful. No one can ignore this cr crawler due to its nitro RC car. The wheel of this rc crawler is very big; therefore, you can feel free to experience all terrains.

The nitro engine and a thick aluminum chassis are the most important factors that can keep a good performance for your vehicle. The same as other rc cars, it also remains the waterproof which can keep it work.

Although the quality of this rc crawler is quite good, people may get into a lot of troubles when using it. It requires people to maintain it more frequently. It means that if you do not check it regularly, then your rc car can be broken and you cannot use it anymore. Additionally, if you own a HPI racing 107014 trophy 4.6 truggy, you must refill the nitro at least one time.

4. The redcat racing lightning EPX drift car

For the redcat brand, people will have more options because it has different price ranges. Therefore, it is very easy for you to find a rc crawler which can fit your needs. At least, the redcat racing lightning EPX drift car has 3 different colors, so you can choose, basing on your preference.


People who have a deep passion for sportive style always choose this rc crawler. It seems to be the coolest rc crawlers, compared to other products. Furthermore, this rc crawler is a great choice for your kids. It can make them have a lot of fun as well as having wonderful speed experiences.

The speed of the redcat racing lightning EPX drift car is quite fast, so you cannot feel boring whenever you drive it. Your kid will have a chance to know more about the speed and how to deal with some situations. In comparison with other rc crawlers, its price is fine.

If you read the reviews of people who have already used this product, you may see that its disadvantages are the battery life. You have to replace the battery more frequently than other rc crawlers because the longevity of its battery is very short. Moreover, interruption for charging battery can make you feel uncomfortable.

Let imagine that you are on the road, but your rc crawler runs out of battery. After that you have to spend about 8 hours to recharge it. It can be worse and worse, if there is no electricity and you cannot charge it. Time for charging the battery is such a big problem that the manufacturers need to pay more attention to solve it. According to experts, you had better buy another type of battery to replace for the old battery. In some situation, the items which come with the rc crawler are not really good.

Final thought

It is frankly to say that there are a lot of things that we cannot know to have the best solutions; therefore, to minimize the confusion, we just need to choose the best quality product to retain its good performance.

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