The traxxas 72074 summit VXL rock crawler

If you are looking for the best RC rock crawler, I think the traxxas 72074 summit VXL rock crawler can meet your needs. It is considered as the most favorite rock crawler in this day and time. The majority of people from all walks of life like this product and they usually pay for this crawler, instead of other ones.

1. What do you need to know about the traxxas 72074 summit VXL rock crawler

I believe that all people want to find out the best product which not only has a reasonable price, but also a high quality. It means that people do not want to spend too much money, but they are asking for the highest quality product.


For the traxxas 72074 summit VXL rock crawler, it can meet all your requirements. This rock crawler has a good look and its performance is pretty good. It is frankly to say that you cannot find out such a good product like this one in the market.

From many years, the traxxas brand has gained the popularity to become the most reputable brand in all over the world. People usually give them priority for this brand whenever they make a decision of buying any crawler. This reputable brand has become the best product. Each year, they have produced many different versions of the rock crawler. For each version, they add more new useful features to make it better and better.

The traxxas 72074 summit VXL rock crawler has an array of wonderful features which can make you satisfied with its performance. The first feature that I intend to introduce now is its quality. With this product, although you do not need to spend a great deal of money, but you still can get a perfect product. The quality of the traxxas 72074 summit VXL rock crawler is higher than others.

In addition, if you want to experience a fast speed, but you are not old enough to take part in a motor racing team, the traxxas 72074 summit VXL rock crawler is a good suggestion for you. You can have countless chances to drive as fast as you want. You can take the use of this crawler right after opening the box. You do not need to take any step before using.

Moreover, the traxxas 72074 summit VXL rock crawler does not use the gas, so you should not worry about the air pollution. It does not have smoke or make noise. You can drive it around or on any streets. The traxxas 72074 summit VXL rock crawler will not be a nuisance for people around you. It is quieter than other rock crawler on the market now. Furthermore, with the velineon brushless powered motor, your rock crawler will be producing the power heaps.

Many people think that their rock crawler can be broken or stop working, if it moves under the water. However, it is not necessary. All parts which have the electricity are covered to make for sure that the water cannot be exposed to those electric parts. Therefore, your rock crawler can get over all types of terrains as you expect. Besides, the weather condition will not have any adverse effect on the performance of your crawler.

The traxxas 72074 summit VXL rock crawler needs the traxxas power cell NiMH battery to run. To start your crawler, you should not forget to recharge your battery fully. To avoid interrupting you’re playing time, you can buy another battery to replace when it is runs out of the power. You should know that to recharge a battery fully, you will need at least 8 hours.

In addition, the traxxas 72074 summit VXL rock crawler has a wide range of different colors for you to opt for. It means that if you select this version, you can have more options, in terms of the color. You may get your favorite product and have a lot of fun with your friends and relatives.


This version is quite modern with a control remote. All what you have to do is to take the use of a remote to handle your crawler. It is very easy for you to learn how to use or how to adjust its speed. You can enhance the quality of this crawler by maintaining it more frequently. You can go to some shops to retain it period. If possible, you can maintain it at home because it is quite easy and you just need to take little steps.

2. How to buy it

This rock crawler is one of the most popular options among customers. They have given an array of good reviews for this product. Many people said that they do not want to change to other products after one time of using the traxxas 72074 summit VXL rock crawler. You can feel very happy whenever you play with this rock crawler.

Additionally, the performance of this product is very impressive, so you should take it into your consideration when you make a decision of buying a rock crawler. To buy this product, you can go to the shops directly or buy it online. If you go to the shops, you can ask for the advices of the sellers. They can guide you how to maintain the product or how to deal with some situations.

However, if you prefer buying online, you just need to search the information and order it online. You can pay money for this product after buying or after receiving it. Moreover, you also can buy a used rock crawler, but you need to inspect it carefully to ensure that it still works well. You can refer the electric RC rock crawler review to have more information about this product.

Final thoughts

You can take a look at this product when you intend to spend money on buying a crawler. Hope that this sharing can help you have more selections. You should refer the opinion of people who have many experiences on buying or using this product. Wish that you can get the best one which can meet your needs.



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