What to look for when buying your serger?

In the market, there are different types of machine that were designed for fulfilling the sewing needs of people. Mentioning about the sergers, those machines are often used for the commercial purposes rather than home stuffs. The reason is because they are heavier and come with the big size.

With the development of technology, manufacturers now have also focus on designing the sergers which can be used for homeowners.  So if you want to purchase want, what aspect you will look for when researching among various serger reviews? Let’s take a glance at this article.

singer serger

What is a serger machine?

Different from the sewing machine, the serger machine offers special features to finish the sewing projects. To illustrate, it can help individuals finish the stitches, seams on the edges. Utilize more than 3 stitches, the serger machine is one ideal machine which can help you encase boring allowance on the fabrics.

  • In addition, the speed for sewing can go up to 1.800 stitches in per minute.
  • For other machines, they tend to use the bobbin and the single thread. In contrast, serger requires you to utilize various stitches during the sewing time.
  • Thanks to the renovation, the serger now is not just the machine which can only be used for finishing the edges. You can also apply for multiple purposes. And now the sewing session is becoming easier and more creative compared to the old versions.

The function of serger machine

In fact, most individuals tend to think that serger and sewing machine have the same function so that homeowners can utilize both of them whenever they want. Actually, this is not. Serger machine is used for finishing the edges of your fabrics, and even made he projects become perfect as well.

According to some professionals, this device is also ideal if you want to finish the knitting materials. As we have mentioned above, by using a great amount of threads at the same time, this machine is great for making the creative or decorative stitches.

The functions including:

  1. Make the edges and various allowance become perfect for combining with different sewing parts. Especially, the serger can help you sew the seams which are in stretch forms
  2. Apply some decorative elements for the fabrics.
  3. Finish the materials without causing the rippling or puckering during the process
  4. Better than other versions of sewing machine, the serger helps to shorten the time for making your projects. In addition, the speed is also faster for you to complete various stuffs in just a short period of time.

repair serger

The number of stitches for serger machine

In the market, serger also comes with various prices which suitable for different budget of individuals. When you choose to invest in a great quality serger, you can have more stitches and even the large number of lopper.

Therefore, when purchasing at the shop, individuals can ask for carefully instruction from the seller. There are lots of designs of serge which can be used for different purposes that best suit you.

Elements you should consider when purchasing

Designed with the modern and flexible features, more individuals are now preferring this machine for finishing their projects. The reason is because they are not only used for making basic functions, but creates chances to enhance the perfection of your products instead.

So, if you are considering in purchasing one serger, there are many you still need to consider:

  • Easy to thread: Obviously, the most disappointed thing is when you purchase one machine and it is so difficult to use. As a result, some people are more likely to store away the machine as well as giving up their intended hobbies. However, with the serger, it will bring lots of advantages when you pick up the proper one. The most important thing is that individuals should understand the method for threading their looper. Some choose to thread their looper with colored stitches, this is a great solution.
  • The different feed: With this feed, it helps improve the speed when sewing your projects. On the other hand, this element was also designed to help individuals make a combination between various pieces of fabric.
  • Feet for sewing decorative accessories: When purchasing any products related to sewing, most people often hesitate when they have to buy additional part for high level projects. However, this serger offers the accessories which you don’t have to invest more money on the separated one.
  • Pay attention to manual instruction: For beginners, knowing the proper methods for using this machine will take you lots of time. Instead of that, people can take a look at the instruction manual attached along with the machine when you purchase. Moreover, attend some online classes with useful videos will give you a broad view in utilizing this machine.
  • LCD panel: Serger nowadays also comes with modern version which is designed as the programmable panel. Therefore, when you purchase the modern one, it will come along with the intractable panel.
  • Easy to switch the mode: Commonly, people often find it hard when switching into different modes of the serger. Try to pay closer attention on the blade and how we use this.

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Consider your purpose

In fact, most people do not hesitate to say “yes” when being asked as if they wanted to own one serger or not. However, it seems like some still not have the reason for purchasing this machine. Or generally, they do not have any purpose for using it.

If you just perform some basic stitches, then the sewing machine can fully adapt all the requests that needed for your projects. And for those who want to have a great variety of features, then serger can fully help you to fulfill all the needs.

To some homeowners, they are still considering between one serger and one sewing machine. However, it is very important to pay closer attention to your purposes so that you make the most from your serger. And don’t forget those information above since they are very useful in helping you picking the proper one.

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